From Angels to Werewolves: Human-Animal Hybrids in Myth and Art

From the publisher: The alluring mermaids sighted by lonely mariners. The winged angels, by turns avenging and comforting, that abound in Christian art. The fearsome Minotaur of Greek mythology. Animal-headed deities, from the elephant-headed Ganesha in India to the falcon-headed Horus in ancient Egypt. An enigmatic cave painting representing a… Continue reading »

The Dreamatics

From the publisher: In this exhilaratingly original novel, a fantastical theater and its troupe perform a young girl’s dreams—until nightmares take over. Will one devoted stagehand be able to bring joy back into the spotlight?Have you ever awakened from a dream and thought, what was THAT?! A platypus waddling through my… Continue reading »

Long Run to Glory

From the publisher: On the morning of Aug. 5, 1984, four of the greatest marathoners of all time lined up for one of the most important and long-awaited races in history. By then, they had dominated their competition for at least five years, upending a century’s worth of preconceived notions… Continue reading »

Night Owl Night

From the publisher: An inspiring introduction to capture-and-release research, this mother-daughter story about owl conservation will spark curiosity in young nature, bird and science lovers. Sova’s mother is a scientist who studies birds and their migratory patterns. Each night she goes into the woods to conduct research, and finally Sova… Continue reading »

Life After Death: Surviving Suicide

From the publisher: When Richard Brockman ’69 found his mother’s body, the simple narrative of his childhood ended. Life After Death tells the story of a boy who died and of a man who survived when the boy and the man are one and the same. It tells a very… Continue reading »

The Law of Freedom: The Supreme Court and Democracy

From the publisher: The U.S. Supreme Court has been at the center of great upheavals in American democracy across the last 70 years. From the end of Jim Crow to the rise of wealth-dominated national campaigns, the court has battled over whether democracy is an egalitarian collaboration to serve the… Continue reading »

Finding Home (Hungary, 1945)

From the publisher: For nine months in Auschwitz, 18-year-old Eva Fleiss clung to sanity by playing piano on imaginary keyboards. After liberation, Eva and the five remaining Jews of Laszlo, Hungary, journey home, seeking to restart their lives. Yet the town that deported them is not ready to embrace their… Continue reading »