Leading from the Margins: College Leadership from Unexpected Places

From the publisher: Students and faculty in higher education increasingly reflect more diverse backgrounds, but this diversity remains rare in many leadership roles. In Leading from the Margins, Mary Dana Hinton celebrates the unique strengths of marginalized individuals, inviting them to embrace their leadership potential and make a difference. Drawing… Continue reading »

Friendbots: Blink and Block Build a Fort

From the publisher: Blink is silly and Block is logical, and they’re best when they’re working together! Whether they’re searching for treasure, playing pretend or learning to compromise, Blink’s imagination and Block’s clever ideas turn any ordinary day into the most fun ever. This time, the pair find a pile… Continue reading »

The Scent of Bright Light

From the publisher: Sarah’s infertility is a heavy weight over her life. Her situation looks even more hopeless when she is trapped for years in the harem of an Egyptian pharaoh. Upon being freed, Pharaoh gives Sarah a little girl named Ta-Sherit who was born in the harem. The mysterious… Continue reading »

Melancholy Wedgwood

From the publisher: Melancholy Wedgwood traces the multiple strands in the life of the ceramic entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795) to propose an alternative view of 18th-century England’s tenuous relationship to our own lives and times, amid the ruins of late-capitalist modernity. Through intimate vignettes and essays, and in writing… Continue reading »

An Alphabet of Fun Facts

From the publisher: From A to Z, encounter things and places both familiar and new, with facts about what they mean and where they come from. You may be surprised to find they often have a little unexpected history. An Alphabet of Fun Facts is a hardcover book with custom… Continue reading »

Unnatural Selection

From the publisher: Billionaire developer Evan Harper has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams—but at the expense of his own. Outside of his business, there’s a lot he’s curious about, and while he has the money to explore those curiosities, he lacks the time. Marine researcher Kiera Logan is following in… Continue reading »