Swedish Blood: A Peter Frost Mystery

By John Amiard (John Oberteuffer ’62). Edson Press, 2009. Boston investigative reporter Peter Frost travels to Stockholm to solve a mystery surrounding his family and finds his life threatened by a gang of neo-Nazis.      … Continue reading »

Le Colonel Chabert

Annotated by Stuart McClintock ’74. European Masterpieces, 2009. An English translation of Honoré de Balzac’s classic tale about a French military hero who must recover his personal life after the Napoleonic Wars. Continue reading »

Girard College—A Living History

By Elizabeth Laurent ’80 et al. Oakley Publishing Co., 2009. The history of a private boarding school founded in 1848 in Philadelphia that serves academically capable students from families with limited financial resources, each headed by a single parent or guardian. Continue reading »