A Poker Player’s Life List 2024

From the publisher:

A Poker Player’s Life List catalogs poker rooms in the U.S. that feature six or more tables and are open as of June 2023. As you visit each room, you can check it off your list!

We have included two columns, labeled T for Tournament and C for Cash, so you can keep separate track of your Tournament and Cash play. We recognize that not all poker rooms offer tournaments, but as tournament availability changes over time, we have left the tournament option available for all rooms. You may also record the date of your visit and rate your experience relative to other poker rooms you have enjoyed. Jot any thoughts you want to remember about a particular casino in our notes section in the back. Then check the diamond in the last column to remind yourself to look for them later.

Finally, every poker player has a bucket list. There’s a world of poker out there just waiting to be explored! Check out our Poker Player’s Bucket List of potential experiences at the back of the book. We’ve even left some extra lines for you to add your own!