A Seat In The Front Row: Recollections of a Foreign Service Officer in the Cold War

Wolfgang J. Lehmann. Independently published, February 2019. Available on Amazon. This expansive memoir recounts the wide-ranging life of a US foreign service officer who quite literally had a front row seat in the Cold War. Filled with fascinating insights and intimate details from a State Department career spanning eight Presidential administrations, the book describes Lehmann’s role in implementing post-war refugee policy and his years serving as political advisor to the Bureau for European Affairs, NATO and EURCOM during the height of the Cold War. It explains his role as Deputy Ambassador of the US Embassy in Saigon and his crucial role in the US evacuation of Vietnam in April 1975. Touching on policy issues that remain relevant to this day, including the politics of immigration, proxy wars, the Middle East, and East-West relations, A Seat in the Front Row is a timely eye-witness account of Cold War policy and politics.