Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief Through the Brain-Body Sync: Exercises to Upgrade Your Body’s Software and Reduce Pain in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day

From the publisher:

Hundreds of millions of people around the world experience low back pain, yet up to 90% of those cases are diagnosed as “non-specific low back pain.” This diagnosis is that there’s no clear cause for the pain. That means a major piece of the puzzle has been missed in understanding and addressing pain.

Drawing on decades of research and work with thousands of chronic pain sufferers, the author has concluded that most of these cases should be termed “brain-based low back pain.” The issues are not in the body, but in the brain. In this book you’ll learn how to use that knowledge for your benefit.

This is the first book of its kind to outline the brain-based cause of low back pain and provide a proven exercise approach to resolve it. In the same way that if your iPhone were to suddenly stop working the first thing you would do is upgrade your software, this book will show readers how to apply a software-first process to your body.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, especially if you have tried and been failed by other approaches to manage your pain, this book is for you. You may have tried conditioning exercises, and you may have tried exercises to improve your mind-body connection, but you have never performed exercises to restore your brain-body connection like you’ll find in this book.