Book cover of Covered with Snow showing deep layers of ice with a hole in the middle

Covered with Snow

From the publisher:

It’s the first of December, 1969, and the Massachusetts Turnpike is covered with snow. Within an hour, and with no good place to hide, a million lives will change on what seems like pure luck. What will you do if your number comes up? Run? Fight? Lie? Kill? Bury the evidence and walk away?

Three years after his brother’s death in combat—and a lot quicker than he’d ever planned—Boston native Otis Fletcher must decide whose life he’s living, how much truth matters and what it will cost to make things right.

Fifty years after his fateful decisions, the only thing middle-aged geology Professor Cece Paine wants is to get down off her favorite glacier and home to her husband and 6-year-old son in Vancouver. An unplanned discovery gets in her way. Will two men and one woman whom she thought she knew span a vast chasm of time and secrets between them?

Keenly observed and exquisitely crafted, Art Hutchinson’s generation-spanning first novel builds to a shattering crescendo as spur-of-the-moment decisions ripple across North America and down through time to lace this redemptive adventure with unexpected romance.