Daisy Fields

From the publisher:

She’s 22 or 39. She’s from Texas or from Alaska. Her mother left her when she was little … or was she abducted? She’s stalked by a loan shark, but she’s never taken a loan.

And him? A soft-spoken, SLR-wielding hero, passionate and sincere—yielding, even … except in love.

When David decides to take the wacky, quirky Kalifornia Mooney as his housemate, he doesn’t expect his world to be turned upside down. As their mutual affection grows, so does the inexplicable chasm between the two friends. Kalifornia keeps her life shrouded in mystery, and no matter how much time they spend together, he doesn’t seem to know the first thing about her. Who is she? What is she so afraid of? Is she a refugee, as she claims to be, and if so, what is she running from?