Doctor Bison’s Fables: An Allegory of the American Pain Refugee Crisis

From the publisher:

Once upon a time, there lived a bison who wanted to help other animals, and so he spent his life studying medicine to become a doctor.

So it was that the bison came upon a family of mice who were all sick, but they had nothing with which to pay for the doctor’s aid. “But without my care, your children will die. I must help; it is my duty,” he said.

Without a thought, the doctor gave them his aid, one after the other, and each mouse he healed was grateful. Soon, however, he began to tire and eventually became exhausted, yet still more mice came. “Surely, though, this deed will be worth it in the end,” he thought, and strengthened his resolve.

By morning, the bison was falling asleep on his feet, and he told the mice, “I am sorry, but I must go rest.”

“But, sir, we still have more sick children.”

The bison saw the line of mice reaching as far as he could see, and he despaired.