Gods I Have Known

From the publisher:

This series of portraits highlights the major gods in the lives of people the author has known. According to Greek tradition, we must honor all of the gods but be closest to one or two gods while being friendly with the rest of them. Your love life may be wonderful because Aphrodite is your friend, but you never have enough money because Athena can’t figure out a profession for you. You may have your health but be depressed most of your life. These stories show how we conform our lives to the narratives of the gods, and yet each of us is individual in the ways that we relate to them. Michael Mahana began role-playing the Greek gods as a teenager, running in the woods like Artemis, listening to classical music like Apollo or hanging out with friends like Hermes. He has used the Greek gods to create new selves to become a successful stockbroker, to survive HIV and cancer for decades against all odds, and to speak foreign languages like a native. When he encountered evolutionary psychology’s theory of multiple selves, he realized that the Greek gods offer a superior system of selves to replace ego/id and the single Self. The gods are ideal learnable selves that can free us from the bonds of the single self so we can unleash our inborn desires for excellence in any area of life.