How Public Schools Really Work

How Public Schools Really Work: An Insider’s Guide for Parents and Practitioners

From the publisher:

Since March of 2019, parents across the U.S. have gained an unprecedented peek into their children’s schools and classrooms. In many cases, this has led to a newfound respect and appreciation for the hard work of teachers and administrators. But it has also raised important questions about the roles that parents can and should play in their children’s education.

This book is a collection of insider information, not to help parents beat the system but to help them work with the system—and to make sure the system works with them.

Full of tips, strategies, resources and real-life stories, this book will help any parent navigate the often confusing world of public schools. Whether you want to advocate for your child’s classroom experience, support your child when they get in trouble or just help make a difference in your child’s school, this book will show you how.