Leading from the Margins: College Leadership from Unexpected Places

From the publisher:

Students and faculty in higher education increasingly reflect more diverse backgrounds, but this diversity remains rare in many leadership roles. In Leading from the Margins, Mary Dana Hinton celebrates the unique strengths of marginalized individuals, inviting them to embrace their leadership potential and make a difference. Drawing from Hinton’s own journey to becoming a university president, this book challenges conventional leadership theories and highlights the value of diverse voices. Whether you’re an emerging or established leader, Leading from the Margins will empower you to find your own leadership style and discover strength in unexpected places.

Through engaging personal stories and insightful research, Hinton explores the opportunities and challenges faced by leaders from marginalized backgrounds. She sheds light on overlooked identities and emphasizes the need for leadership that reflects the demographics and needs of those being led. This book is a vital resource for people in higher education aspiring to senior leadership positions who feel unheard or unrepresented in traditional leadership roles.

Hinton offers a powerful voice to leaders from marginalized groups, providing validation, inspiration, and practical guidance. By recognizing and nurturing their unique leadership styles, she encourages readers to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in their organizations and communities. Leading from the Margins is an essential read for anyone seeking to foster inclusive and effective leadership, bridging the gap between theory and lived experiences. Embrace your identity and lead from where you are.