Legacy of Bronze

Legacy of Bronze (The Godforged Chronicles Book 2)

From the publisher:

A crown forged by death.
A fleet bent on destruction.
A clash of cities that will change everything.

In a storm of fire, a dead tyrant stakes his claim on the world once more. Manon Barca, desperate to save her brother from a cruel fate, bends the knee, determined to withstand any price.

Across the sea, Eska de Caraval searches for a legend. Confronted with chaos and unanswerable questions, questions challenging her very identity, she must determine where her future lies.

In the Seven Cities, treason takes shape, threatening to shatter the oldest of alliances. Tasked with defending the Seven, Alexandre de Minos discovers secrets that shake even his resolve. But not his duty.

But beyond the treachery and turmoil within, two shadowy threats emerge—a queen bred for battle and an ancient power renewed, each determined to break the will of the Seven.