Methods and Observations of A Practical Economist, vol.1: What Every Executive Should Know About Business, Finance, and Economics

By Winford C. (Peter) Naylor, ’68. Available on Amazon, July 2017.

Through the years, I have become convinced that the fundamentals of economics, finance, and business can be mastered by anyone of average intelligence, ambition, and diligence. So, as I enter the final phase of my career, I decided to provide a book which would offer the reader the practical knowledge that I wish I’d gained before I became a naval officer, a graduate student, a banker, and a manager. I believe that these fifty-four lessons can provide the foundation for : 1) the general business manager who must juggle many responsibilities and relationships, and who hasn’t the time for more formal education. He may choose to use it as a reference work. 2) the general student who knows that he must be familiar with business, finance, and economics to be effective in any career, including politics and journalism. 3) the undergraduate who wishes to get the most value from his expensive, upper-division specialty courses in business, economics, or finance, and doesn’t feel prepared by the typical introductory courses. (Careful reading of this book over the summer before his junior year could make the difference.) 4) the entering graduate student who needs to fill gaps in his preparation, or review principles, before tackling a challenging program at a top graduate school. 5) the advanced graduate student who needs to review and integrate the basics, before taking his comprehensive examinations.