My City of Dreams

Lisa Gruenberg ’76. TidePool Press, August 2019. In this memoir, Lisa Gruenberg not only records her own life, but also that of relatives long lost to darkness, terror, and murder. In dreamlike sequences she weaves known facts of the lives of those lost into tableaus of imagined family dinners, conversations and leisure activities set in the Vienna landscape. She especially brings back to life some of the girls and women whose fates remain largely unknown. These flights into the past are presented within the framework of Gruenberg’s own family, her husband and daughters and her father. He escaped from Vienna in 1939 and shared few of his memories with her, and that only late in life when disease had beaten down his defenses against remembering.


The Oracle’s Fables

John Prescott. Illustrated by Tom Kerr '72

The Secret Ballot

Matthew Wilson '92