Nombono: Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Creators from Around the World

From the publisher: 

In the stunning and imaginative NOMBONO: An Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Creators From Around the World, we are presented with visions, invocations, foretellings and bold harbingers. NOMBONO, drawing from the Zulu word for “visionary,” brings together mystical dreams and possibilities that are at times both striking and devastating. This anthology asks: Are we on a bright threshold or at the edge of a dark precipice? Are we about to take flight and evolve or plummet into cataclysm? Around each corner in this book there may be a hyena man, salmon women, Mananggal, prayers or curses. There is steady, unbroken eye contact, and there is fierce joy and fury. Here we have the limitless, boundless exploration of resplendent worlds.