Our Roof Is Blue

From the publisher:

This heartfelt story of resilience follows two siblings as they work to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Irma destroys their home in Puerto Rico.

Esta emotiva historia de resiliencia sigue a dos hermanos en su proceso de recuperación luego de que el huracán Irma destruyera su casa en Puerto Rico.

Before an intense hurricane hits their home in Puerto Rico, Antonio tells his sister vibrant stories each night. During the storm, they huddle with their parents in a closet and hear the storm blow the roof right off their home. After the storm, their family uses a temporary blue tarp for a roof, and Antonio stops speaking. Gradually the siblings imagine their blue roof playfully—as the ocean above them or a parachute helping them fall from the sky. As the narrator helps her little brother feel safe once more—and after the family and community build a new roof—Antonio finds his voice again.