Rebalance: How Women Lead, Parent, Partner and Thrive (Resetting Our Future)

From the publisher:

“Finally, a roadmap for working parents seeking to balance meaningful careers, raise good children, give back to society and practice self-care in an ever changing world.” —Nancy Cordes, Chief White House Correspondent, CBS News

At a time when so many are looking to reset their lives, Rebalance explores what it takes to truly thrive full-circle: as purpose-driven leaders, parents, partners and citizens. With insight and humor, Rebalance tackles the perennial question of working women (and men) everywhere: Is it possible to do it all well, or does something have to give? The authors draw on a decade of no-holds-barred conversations with an ambitious group of women striving to lead in social impact jobs, raise good kids and build strong relationships and communities. Rebalance distills their hard-earned lessons on balancing—and rebalancing—amid an onslaught of ever-changing demands and priorities. Rebalance takes an unflinching look at the trade-offs, conflicts and juggling acts inherent in our busy lives and ultimately illuminates how time-tested principles and practices can free us not just to survive but also to thrive.


Group Insurance, 7th Edition

Edited by Dan Swkire '91, with associate editor Margaret (Donavan) Cormier ’94
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