Sondheim in Our Time and His

From the publisher:

Sondheim in Our Time and His offers a wide-ranging historical investigation of the landmark works and extraordinary career of Stephen Sondheim [’50], a career that has spanned much of the history of American musical theater. Each author uncovers those aspects of biography, collaborative process and contemporary context that impacted the creation and reception of Sondheim’s musicals. In addition, several authors explore in detail how Sondheim’s shows have been dramatically revised and adapted over time. Multiple chapters invite the reader to rethink Sondheim’s works from a distinctly contemporary critical perspective and to consider how these musicals are being reenvisioned today. Through chapters focused on individual musicals and others that explore a specific topic as manifested throughout his entire career, plus an afterword by Kristen Anderson-Lopez [’94]; by digging deep into the archives and focusing intently on his scores; from interviews with performers, directors and bookwriters and close study of live and recorded productions—volume editor W. Anthony Sheppard brings together Sondheim’s past with the present, thriving existence of his musicals.