Tai Chi for Balance: How to Stay on Your Feet and Avoid Falls

From the publisher:

Falls are the number-one cause of injury in older adults. In the U.S., falls send 3 million older adults to the emergency room annually, many with serious, life-altering injuries. Not how we want to age!

Leading medical authorities agree that falls are preventable, and tai chi is recognized as the top exercise for fall prevention.

In Tai Chi for Balance: How to Stay on Your Feet and Avoid Falls, Chris Cinnamon guides you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tai chi-based program designed to help you stay on your feet and avoid falls. Richly illustrated, the book also includes access to exclusive online practice videos.

Inside Tai Chi for Balance, readers will learn:

  • How the risk of falling increases as we age, and the strategies to prevent it
  • A simplified, enjoyable tai chi-based exercise program to increase leg and hip strength, improving stability and balance
  • Fun and challenging Tai Chi Walking exercises
  • Practical strategies for avoiding falls

Tai Chi for Balance comes highly recommended by doctors, medical researchers and health aging experts. Available now on Amazon and all major online book retailers.