The Avian Rebbe Stretches His Wings: Volume 2—Left Texas

From the publisher: 

The Avian Rebbe Stretches His Wings continues the journey and explores new places and themes. Come to “Left Texas,” the dry, raw and stunning half of Texas where we’ll explore how deserts and scrub, plains and hills, attract their own special species of birds—and the people who appreciate them. Volume 2 in the series records our collective emergence from Covid-19, physically and spiritually. This is a book of getting back into the world after a time of profound constriction.

The Avian Rebbe Stretches His Wings compiles 52 of the author’s full-color bird photographs coupled with insightful drashot, short teachings of Jewish wisdom. Each entry explores the bird—individually; Jewish tradition—individually; and then how the two are juxtaposed to reveal unexpected connections. This is a book of birdy goodness offering readers a full year of joy and inspiration.