The Avian Rebbe Takes Flight: Volume 1—Central Texas

From the publisher:

The Avian Rebbe Takes Flight is a compilation of the author’s full-color bird photography coupled with insightful drashot, short teachings of Jewish wisdom. Each entry explores the bird—individually; Jewish tradition—individually; and then how the two are juxtaposed to reveal unexpected connections. The inevitable conclusion is that there is something deeply, profoundly godly in the natural world of which we are an integral part; and so, too, Jewish wisdom isn’t confined to study halls and synagogues.

Written during the darkest days of Covid-19, The Avian Rebbe Takes Flight pushes back with light. There are eternal verities and enduring questions that transcend even the most horrific ephemera.

This is a book that can be read straight through, but it’s intended both to inspire and to require more cogitation. Consider a single page each week. Sages have wrestled with many of these themes for more than 2,000 years, so surely they merit a week’s reflection. Faith, doubt, intention, science, music and silence are just some of the topics that you’ll be inspired to consider from different perspectives.

Volume 1 portrays birds of Central Texas. The Austin area is the border between North America’s Western and Eastern bird populations and is also a critical way station on the north-south migration path. This nexus attracts a wonderful and diverse variety.