The Dreamatics

From the publisher:

In this exhilaratingly original novel, a fantastical theater and its troupe perform a young girl’s dreams—until nightmares take over. Will one devoted stagehand be able to bring joy back into the spotlight?Have you ever awakened from a dream and thought, what was THAT?! A platypus waddling through my school while singing the word farfanoogleWell, that dream was performed by a dream theater, and this is the story of one such place: the Lunarian Grand.

The Lunarian is a magical theater with a mind of its own, often redecorating on a whim or making it snow from the rafters. The theater’s troupe call themselves the Dreamatics, and together they grow sets from seeds, sew costumes that can change an actor’s shape and each night when a girl named Luna goes to sleep, they produce her spectacular dreams: dreams of memories, family, and her beloved dog, Murph.

But when something devastating happens in Luna’s waking life, the theater falls under new management in the form of the Bad Dreams. Now it’s up to a loyal stagehand named Dormir and the Dreamatics to put things right and restore balance in their world and in Luna’s.

Go behind the scenes of your dreams in this enchanting novel full of cozy magic, humor and wonder.