The Oracle’s Fables

By John Prescott. Illustrated by Tom Kerr ’72. Self-published. This book shares life lessons for children based on quotes from Warren Buffett. Created in the spirit of Aesop’s Fables, each tale illustrates human behavior by animal characters facing potentially life-changing situations. Colorful illustrations accompany stories written in a style designed to encourage discussion between children and adults.


Book cover of The Collected Poems of Sterling A. Brown showing a painting of five Black people in colorful robes and straw hats hoeing a field

The Collected Poems of Sterling A. Brown

Edited by Michael S. Harper

The Hourglass Solution: A Boomer’s Guide to the Rest of Your Life

Jeff Johnson '74 and Paula Forman. Da Capo Press. March 2009. Johnson and Forman present ideas on how to live a better life after age 50

Why I Never Left Williams College

By Coach Dick Farley

Tai Chi for Balance: How to Stay on Your Feet and Avoid Falls

By Christopher “Kip” Cinnamon ’82