The Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places Are Building the New American Dream

From the publisher:

Steve Case, cofounder of America Online and Revolution and New York Times bestselling author of The Third Wave, shows how entrepreneurs across the country are building groundbreaking companies, renewing communities and creating new jobs—in the process reimagining the American landscape and bringing people together around a shared future.

In 2014, Steve Case launched Revolution’s Rise of the Rest, an initiative to accelerate the growth of tech start-ups across the country. Rise of the Rest is based on a simple idea: cities can be renewed and rise again if they develop a vibrant start-up culture. A visionary entrepreneur himself, Case believes that great entrepreneurs can be found anywhere and can thrive with the proper support and investment. In fact, they’re key to the American DNA. After all, America itself was a start-up. It struggled to get going and almost didn’t make it. Today it’s the leader of the free world, in part because it has the world’s largest economy—a testament to several generations of pioneering entrepreneurs. But America needs help keeping its promises, as it is harder today for innovators who live outside the major tech hubs. For most of the past decade, 75% of venture capital has gone to just three states—California, New York and Massachusetts—while the 47 states making up the rest of the country have been forced to share the remaining 25%. And it’s even harder for some people no matter where they live. Less than 10% of venture capital currently goes to female founders, and less than one percent goes to Black founders. Since new companies—start-ups—are responsible for net new job creation, it is essential that entrepreneurs everywhere have the opportunity to start and scale companies. Rise of the Rest is about leveling the playing field for everybody, and in the process creating opportunity and jobs for the people and places that have been left behind. This book tells that story and provides a hopeful perspective on the future of America.

In The Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places Are Building the New American Dream, Case takes readers on an exhilarating journey into the start-up communities that are transforming cities nationwide. Rise of the Rest’s signature road trips, on a big red tour bus, have created significant local and national buzz and spotlighted communities large and small that have committed to a new tech-enabled future. Along the way, Case introduces readers to dozens of entrepreneurs whose inspirational stories of struggle and achievement match the most iconic examples of American invention.

To date, Case has traveled to 43 cities on his Rise of the Rest bus tour and has been featured on 60 Minutes and in The New York Times, USA Today, Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal. With dedicated venture funds backed by an iconic group of investors, executives and entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Meg Whitman, John Doerr, Sara Blakely and Ray Dalio, Rise of the Rest also invests in the most promising high-growth start-ups located anywhere in the U.S. outside of Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston. The fund has invested in more than 175 companies across more than 80 cities, including Phoenix, Chattanooga, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Louisville, Baltimore, Columbus, St. Louis, Green Bay, Madison, Buffalo, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Miami, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Indianapolis, New Orleans and dozens of others.