Magazine cover for fall 2019—portrait of alumnus Sean Saifa Wall

The Upside Down House and Other Poems

By Jennifer Sleeper ’07 and Debbie Sleeper. Full Court Press, 2011. A topsy-turvy book of children’s poems. Inside the wacky walls of the Upside Down house, anything is possible: a girl with a beard, a boy who never gets out of bed, a sword swallower, a pirate, a dinosaur who plays basketball, and the Grunk, who would love to take you to a dance—and maybe even have you for dinner.


How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America

Robert Jordan. RedFlash Press, 2010. A guide for building powerful businesses from the ground up featuring quotes from and interviews with 45 entrepreneurs, including John Croghan '82 and Phil Sheridan '82