The Wild

By Kris Delmhorst ’92. Available on the artist’s website, September 2017.

THE WILD – the moving, emotionally charged new album from Kris Delmhorst – comes to terms with what Greg Brown memorably called “All this terror and grace.” The stakes rise as we go along. Our babies arrive and disappear into children, friends die or get weird, our parents distill. We lose the path – to our story, our partner, to the muse – and must reckon the way back. And The Wild, where has it gone? Kris Delmhorst locates it here, in twelve songs “Of life getting long / And the music of the way things are:” inside as much as outside, vital in both places, whether or not you intend to visit.

Delmhorst’s seventh full-length album, THE WILD is her first studio collaboration with husband and fellow songwriter Jeffrey Foucault (“Contemporary and timeless,” NY Times), who co-produced and contributed lead guitars and backing vocals. The album merges her sophisticated melodies and hauntingly open voice with his lean aesthetic to deliver a darkly hopeful, fiercely wise new collection of songs. Additionally THE WILD features bassist Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T. Jones, Twinemen) and drummer Billy Conway (Morphine, Treat Her Right), veteran players, Foucault’ current bandmates, and longtime associates in the course of Delmhorst’s career. The result is an album that brings together all the threads of a life in music, and a rare intimacy between players. Delmhorst and Foucault will tour together in the fall of 2017, taking turns fronting the band, and playing on each other’s sets in a rare confluence of the two respected artists’ paths.