What We Are Made Of

Laurie Elizabeth Lambert ’80. “What are we made of?” is the question posed by Laurie Elizabeth Lambert in these poems of nature, family, loss, and redemption. Organized by the seasons, Lambert reminds us that in spite of the darkness, our world contains trout lilies, trilliums, great blue herons, bluebirds, cardinals, woodpeckers, coffee, toast, butter. . . In the poem “In the Key of Chocolate,” she tells us “chocolate is a woman’s song,” and boy, does she have that right. She gives us “these moments that make a life, / that make me want to draw breath again and again / and see what happens next,” and we, her readers, are eager to see what does happen, in the next poem. –Barbara Crooker, author of Les Fauves and Barbara Crooker: Selected Poems