Wonderful Piano Solos From Around the World

From the publisher:

Beautiful piano arrangements of folk songs and original compositions with a touch of magic. This wonderful sheet music collection is perfect for beginners, intermediate players and anyone who is looking for professional piano songs that are not too difficult to play.

Arrangements and compositions by Felix Sun ’13.


Scarborough Fair
If You’re Wondering
Candles in the Snow
Walking Through an Enchanted Forest
Thula Baba, Thula Sana (South African Lullaby)
Red River Valley
Drifting Memories
Spanish Romance (Romanza)
Autumn Daydreaming
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
La Llorona
Afloat Somewhere
Bella Ciao
House of the Rising Sun
Aura Lea (Love Me Tender)
Whiskey in the Jar