Your Kid’s Rebound From Pandemic Lockdowns: A Parent’s Guide to Restoring Their Family

From the publisher: 

What did lockdowns do to our kids?

Parents know the stark answer: significant harm to the mental, social and physical well-being and development of our children. School closings, the suspension of daily social interaction and an ever-present environment of fear and foreboding pushed families to a breaking point.

Now, parents ask themselves: What’s the true extent of lockdown damage? How do I get my child back to the cheerful, motivated and well-adjusted individual they once were?

Rebound charts your way forward. It relies on facts and data from the nation’s leading medical and psychological authorities and sensible advice from numerous parenting and family experts. Rebound addresses the ways in which you can:

  • Reverse your kid’s increased use of screens and digital media
  • Restore your kid’s confidence and mental well-being
  • Re-establish your kid’s physical health and fitness

Gathered here is the best thinking on how to guide the development of young children, pre-teens and adolescents in this post-lockdown period. Short and informative, this book was written with the busy parent in mind.

Your kid’s rebound—your family’s rebound—from the cruel damage of lockdowns is vital, and the instructions for doing so are all here.