Alumni to Be Honored for Distinguished Achievement

Five alumni will receive Bicentennial Medals for “distinguished achievement in any field of endeavor” during Convocation Sept. 19. This year’s recipients are: Mike Curtin ’86, CEO of D.C. Central Kitchen, whose groundbreaking programs train formerly homeless and incarcerated adults for culinary careers and provide millions of healthy meals to at-risk populations; Jonathan Fielding ’64, whose academic research and leadership in public health have improved longevity and quality of life for millions; Kristin Forbes ’92, MIT Sloan School of Management professor and external member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, whose research and insights inform economic policy; Hernando Garzon ’84, director of Kaiser Permanente’s Global Health Program and leader of an Ebola response team in West Africa—his 20th humanitarian and crisis relief mission; and Claudia Rankine ’86, acclaimed poet and professor, whose book-length poem about race and imagination, Citizen: An American Lyric, won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry.