By Jim Barns ’69, Charlottesville, Va.

I had a special interest in Michael Curtin’s ’86 thoughtful piece on D.C. Central Kitchen (“Around the Kitchen Table,” fall 2015). Several years ago, concerned about the homeless in Charlottesville, Va., I got an earnest little movement going called Compass to establish a daytime shelter. The public library where I worked was a daily home for many without homes. Tom Shadyac, who was in the area directing the movie Evan Almighty, purchased a church a block away from the library, and we created a shelter called The Haven. Now more than five years old, the shelter provides a hearty breakfast, storage space, a shower/laundry and computer access. This year it expanded its role to finding homes for people. After two terms on the board, I went to the kitchen, volunteering on Friday mornings. It’s all been very fulfilling. Next to getting into Williams, beginning this movement that turned out so well may be my greatest achievement.