Ever wonder what it would be like to examine a Rembrandt etching through a magnifying glass? Or analyze different states of a Whistler print? Or pore over sketchbooks that reveal the creative process of Maurice Prendergast? This summer, you can, thanks to “Behind the Scenes at the Museum,” a series of workshops presented by the Williams College Museum of Art. Workshops are held in the Rose Study Gallery, which is the museum’s classroom, and are led by experts who teach with artworks from the permanent collection and exhibitions. While this year’s schedule is still being finalized, it’s likely to incorporate the exhibition “Prendergast in Italy,” which is expected to draw some 50,000 visitors and will tour internationally. Last year’s “Behind the Scenes” program included:

Visions of the Past: A discussion of antiquities including Cuneiform tablets from circa 2500-2100 BC, vases from ancient Greece and a Roman brick with a stamp giving the date and location of its creation—a clue as to how monuments such as the Pantheon have been dated.

The Political Landscape in Contemporary Art: An exploration of the questions that contemporary artists raise about cultural identity through artworks focused on landscape ad environments.

Drawing out the Story: Literary Connections: An investigation of works that use image and text to tell stories or have fascinating stories behind them. To find out this summer’s schedule visit www.wcma.org