IMG_2310_smallThe great article “Three Conversations from 2013” (summer 2013) captured so many of the things that I find incredible about Williams and why I stay engaged as a devoted alum. I’ve had the opportunity to meet alumni of all ages who experienced a Williams very different from the one I did from 1987 to 1991. Yet across time there is a common theme as deep as the color purple—classic excellence. The Williams I knew was more diverse than each of the classes that preceded mine. The conversations from the Class of ’13, however, demonstrate that “diversity” continues to evolve and blossom into so many forms—careers, uniquely designed curricular studies, mentorship and life choices. The number of paths open to any Williams student seems infinite, whether those paths are forged with the guidance of a faculty member, someone on the staff, a family member and/or a fellow student. Reading the stories of these graduating seniors felt like dropping back into a great conversation with a special person—the kind in which you can pick up where you left off, no matter how much time has passed. It warmed my heart to know that this classic excellence hasn’t missed a beat and that the Williams conversation is ongoing.

—Melissa Fenton ’91, New York, N.Y.