Ephs Helping Ephs

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During the past year, when the need for jobs, internships and short-term projects was at its greatest, Williams alumni, parents and friends provided support to students by offering opportunities through the ’68 Center for Career Exploration’s Alumni Sponsored Internship Program (ASIP) and EphLink.

All 195 students who participated in the internship program in 2021 reached out to alumni through EphLink, the college’s student-alumni career networking platform. They had access to internships in fields including health care, medical and scientific research, racial justice, government and the arts. In January, when Winter Study courses were canceled due to the pandemic, students participated in short-term projects called Winternships hosted by alumni via the ’68 Center.

Since its fall 2018 launch, EphLink has grown to include approximately 90% of the current student body, with more than 31,000 messages sent among users around the world.

“The recent alumni-fueled growth of both the ASIP program and EphLink has been nothing short of remarkable,” says Don Kjelleren, executive director of the ’68 Center. “When Ephs support Ephs, the effect is exponentially more efficient than students exploring and connecting with opportunities on their own.”

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Career Exploration at a Glance

current students registered for EphLink, Williams' student-alumni networking platform

alumni registered as career mentors

students completing 63 virtual projects developed by alumni in January 2021 after Winter Study was canceled due to the pandemic

students participating in the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program in 2012

students participating in 2021

“It was so interesting to see how scientific research works in the real world.”

—Jessica Hem ’21, who interned at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston


To learn more about EphLink and the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program, visit careers.williams.edu/alumni or contact [email protected].