For the start of first-year student orientation in August, we asked what advice you had to offer our newest Ephs. Among your pearls of wisdom:

  • Take advantage of the opportunity the purple bubble gives you to fall flat on your face and stand back up again.
    Tosin Adeyanju ’08
  • Eph it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. And: Welcome to purple infusion time, baby.
    Bilal Ansari, Williams’ Muslim chaplain
  • Take courses that really intrigue you; don’t take anything because you think you “should.” Make forging friendships a priority, because you will never be around such an exceptional group of people ever again—not ever. Don’t care where you eventually live or work or play. Williams is truly unique. Relish it.
    Claire Benson-Mandl ’03
  • Effective time management is your best friend. Learn it early and learn it well, and the next four years will be great!
    Em Flynn ’09