An arial view of Williams campus.

President Maud S. Mandel and members of the Williams community paid tribute to nine retired and current faculty and staff members who have died in recent months.

They are: Kurt Tauber, the Class of 1924 Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, who died on Jan. 25; Jean-Bernard “Bernie” Bucky, the William Dwight Whitney Professor of Arts and Theatre, Emeritus, Feb. 13; Stephen Sheppard, the Class of 2012 Professor of Economics, March 2; Phyllis Cutler, college librarian, emerita, March 5; Norman Petersen Jr., the Washington Gladden 1859 Professor of Religion, Emeritus, March 26; John Hyde ’52, the Brown Professor of History, Emeritus, March 28; Frances Lippmann, retired director of the college counseling center, April 4; Stephen Fix, the Robert G. Scott ’68 Professor of English, April 23; and Tonio Palmer, director of entrepreneurship at the ’68 Center for Career Exploration, April 28.

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