Photograph: Jo Sittenfeld

In addition to the usual offerings, students had 77 new courses to choose from during the spring semester. Among the highlights are The Economics and Ethics of CO2 Offsets, taught by Ralph Bradburd, the David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy, which examines whether offsets
are successful and if there’s something inherently wrong about selling or buying the right to
pollute; Opioids and the Opioid Crisis: The Neuroscience Behind an Epidemic, taught by Assistant Professor of Psychology Shivon Robinson ’11, which looks at the scientific, historical and societal context surrounding the use and abuse of opioids; and Monsters of the Renaissance, taught by Assistant Professor of French Cécile Tresfels, in which students are analyzing a variety of works from 16th-century France, “when writers, doctors and travelers developed a critical reflection on monstrosity in order to deal with otherness,” as stated in the course catalog.