By Joe Bassett ’62, Peabody, Mass.

“Act II” (fall 2015) was well played for this alum. I had wondered just what went on at the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance. Obviously it was more than what my former roommate John Calhoun ’62 did at the Adams Memorial Theatre. At our 50th reunion it was a more or less open space, the guided tour serving notice: “No shoes on the dance floor—thank you very much.” Nor was it simply an improved site for noted summer stock productions. Now I know that, in part, but only in part, the ’62 Center is responsible for a theater company in Seattle, a lighting design career initiated during Winter Study by a freshman and an all-points summer program that sounds thorough as well as fun. For that, I thank you.

—Joe Bassett ’62, Peabody, Mass.