_1MM6118-ret2_[30]I was fascinated by “The Italian Job” (spring 2015), which recounts the collaboration between Professor E.J. Johnson ’59 and his student Grace McEniry ’12 in arriving at a stunning Renaissance architectural discovery. I was fascinated—but not completely surprised. E.J.’s first year as a professor at Williams was my senior year, and although we had the great and fabled triumvirate of Faison, Stoddard and Pierson in our art history department, E.J. was an inspiring teacher and fresh face. He made Alberti, Brunelleschi and Bramante come alive for us, and clearly he has not let up 50 years later. Very exciting! Thank you, E.J.—and thank you, Grace!

—David Tunick ’66, Stamford, Conn.

I want to compliment you and writer Abe Loomis on your recent piece on E.J. Johnson’s ’59 discovery of Serlio’s ephemeral theater design and the role played by Grace McEniry ’12 in its reconstruction. Fascinating!

—Dennis Geronimus ’95, New York, N.Y.