A collection of opinions and ideas expressed at Williams.

“Our approach has been and continues to be to reduce expenditures in a controlled fashion such that we minimize the impact on the quality of the education we offer our students, while both ensuring that a Williams education remains affordable to every student we admit and protecting our current employees.”

Bill Lenhart, Williams provost and treasurer, on the $73 million target the trustees set for College spending in 2010-11, a $6.2 million decrease from this year’s spending. Record, 11.11.09

“When students say, ‘I just want to live with my friends,’ we want to know exactly what that means. Is the neighborhood design too inflexible to allow friends to live together? We want to know how students live their lives, and what role returning to their dorms plays in their lives.”

Karen Merrill, dean of the College, on the Interim Report of the Neighborhood Review Committee, which found that 70.5 percent of students surveyed last spring reported dissatisfaction with the neighborhood housing system instituted in fall 2006. Record, 10.21.09