Update on Retrieval and Shipment of Stored Belongings

Update on Retrieval and Shipment of Stored Belongings

Dear Students,

Thank you for your patience while we developed comprehensive plans for what to do with items currently residing in storage whether on campus or with private storage providers.  I would like to provide you with some quick updates and some answers that will hopefully resolve some of the remaining questions you may have.

As a reminder, a document was published as part of the Fall 2020 Guide on Returning to Campus highlighting our approach to dealing with stored student items. That document has been updated with the same information that’s in this email.

For Students Enrolled On Campus:

If you stored your belongings through the College: 
Storage through the College includes items removed from dorm rooms in March 2020 as well as items stored via the Office of Campus Life free storage program with Connors Brothers.

You can make an appointment to retrieve those belongings from our staging area at Towne Field House. Minivans will be available to help transport items to your dormitory, but students are expected to unload the minivan and move all items into their dorm room. If you would like to reserve a minivan, request help with driving the minivan, or have any other special requests, please use the “additional instructions” field when you book your appointment and we will do our absolute best to accommodate them.

Please note that if you require additional assistance with transportation or moving of your items, please contact the Office of Accessible Education to review your individual situation or to request an accommodation.

If you stored your belongings in a private storage pod with Connors Brothers:
The College has coordinated with Connors Brothers to have all storage pods delivered to the Towne Field House parking lot. You may retrieve your items from the storage pods at your leisure. If you would like to reserve a minivan or request driving assistance, please be sure to schedule an appointment.

For Students Enrolled Remotely or On Leave:

Students who are enrolled remotely or on leave have two options for their stored belongings.

  1. Have currently stored belongings shipped directly to you. All shipping expenses will be covered by the College. Please note that we can only ship items that are already boxed or can be placed in a standard storage box. All other items can be donated to a local organization, moved to a private storage company (with costs covered by the student), or picked up from campus before September 30.

  2. Have currently stored belongings moved to a private storage company of your choosing. While the College will handle all logistics surrounding the items being moved into private storage, the cost of storing items until your return to campus will be the responsibility of the student. Once items have been transferred to the private storage company, you will receive an email confirmation from the College.

Please share your preference by September 30 by contacting Marsha Peters. If we do not hear from you by September 30 any stored items that can be shipped will be shipped to the mailing address on file in Peoplesoft.

Thank you all for your patience as we developed guidelines for the stored materials.  If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Marsha Peters.



Matthew Sheehy (he / him / his)

Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration