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Photo of Jay Pasachoff with a telescope.

Jay Pasachoff, astronomy professor at Williams for more than 50 years, passed away on Nov. 20.

Photo of Magnús T. Bernhardðsson, the Brown Professor of History and global studies chair (left), and H.E. Dr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, in conversation in the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance.

A Presidential Visit

H.E. Dr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, president of Iceland, had a series of meetings with students, faculty and staff on Nov. 9—just the second time the college has hosted a head of state on campus.

In Poland, Williams sophomore Diana Sobolieva of Ukraine sets up a video camera for a documentary about Ukrainian and Afghan refugees living in Europe.

Stories from Exile

Anthropology professor David Edwards is working with students from Williams, the American University of Afghanistan and Central European University on a documentary about the lives of Afghan and Ukrainian refugees living in Europe.

Putting Sustainability on the Menu

Williams is continuing to hone its approach to healthy meals while also keeping a close eye on the health of the planet as part of the Cool Food Pledge.


Close-up of hands in black gloves ringing handbells

Till Hill and Valley Ring

The Williams Handbell Choir attracts students with all levels of ability, from beginners to proficient musicians.

Three students, including Jordan Wynn, Class of 2026, center, who transferred to Williams from Howard Community College in

Serving Veterans

Williams’ multi-pronged approach to increasing representation among student veterans includes partnering with the Warrior-Scholar Project, whose board now includes former provost Cappy Hill ’76.

A spread from a children's picture book in which a frog is extended his tongue very far to reach a lily pad in a pond as a girl in overalls sits and watches him. There are mathematical equations drawn around his head. Text on page reads: Josh explained the physics: the forces of water and gravity pull the stone deeper under the surface. In the air, the stone’s spinning motion provides stability, but it eventually loses speed in a splash. Applying this instruction to each throw, Millie developed the perfect toss. She quickly learned that square stones would veer off at an angle and triangular stones could cut through choppy water. She took a special delight in heavy, lopsided stones because they provided the greatest challenge. Late in the day, Josh declared Millie the best stone skipper in the valley. Her rocks seemed to dance across the fresh mountain water before tumbling into the muddy bank.

A Fairy-tale Book

A homework assignment in a comparative literature class at Williams inspires Olivia Polk ’18 to write a children’s book.

Students walk across a field against a backdrop of vibrant fall foliage in celebration of Mountain Day on October 15, 2022

Mountain Day Magic

A video and collection of photographs let you experience the magic of Mountain Day, which took place on October 14.

Williams students walk down a wooded path on a hike to Stone Hill during Mountain Day in October 2021.

It’s Mountain Day!

On Friday morning President Maud S. Mandel canceled classes and the bells rang out “The Mountains,” signifying the start of Williams’ beloved tradition, Mountain Day.

The wrought-iron gates in front of Buckingham Palace with gold shields

End of an Era

At the first meeting of What in the World, an informal discussion series, Global Studies professors Aparna Kapadia and Chris Waters talk about the ramifications of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.


Surface Relations: Queer Forms of Asian American Inscrutability

By Vivian L. Huang, women’s, gender and sexuality studies professor
picture book with illustration of two kids with brown skin sitting on the floor reading with a heart shape of books floating around them

Mari Loves Reading

By Marva Carty ’97
book cover illustration showing a little girl with brown skin smiling surrounded by mangoes in a heart shape

Mari Loves Mangoes

By Marva Carty ’97

The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams

By Stacy Schiff ’82


12/2: Williams Women's Squash defeated by Yale University 0-9 away.

12/2: Williams Men's Squash defeated by Yale University 0-9 away.

12/2: Williams Women's Ice Hockey defeated by Connecticut College 0-3 at home.

12/2: Williams Men's Ice Hockey defeats Tufts University 4-1 away.

12/2: Williams Women's Basketball defeats Keene State 48-35 at home.